Epidemiology of VZV: Week 1 of Feburary, 2016

Feb 2:



The inquest about the case of John Kirkham, 3, who died in an ambulance while on the way to Macclesfield District General hospital continues.

His mother Joanne kirkham, says that it was due to the failure of multiple GPs to correctly diagnose the complications resulting from contracting chicken pox.

On March 10 2014, John contracted chicken pox and was brought to a GP, where he was prescribed liquid paracetamol and calamine lotion. On the 15th, Joanne brought her little boy to the Elmwood Medical Centre in Buxton, Derbyshire. There, she learned that she had an oral thrush.

When his grandmother, a registered child minder went to pick him up on Saturday, March 16 she realised he had developed a fever and he was breathing rapidly. He was then transferred into the paediatric ward of Stepping Hill Hospital for observation but was discharged in the evening. The staff claimed that the young boy was discharged at the behest of his mother but Joanne Kirkham did not give a reply. The staff then told Joanne to come back to the hospital if his condition deteriorated.

The following day, his condition took a turn for the wors. Young John collapsed and passed away en route to Macclesfield District General hospital.

The post mortem revealed that he suffered from an acute streptococcus bronchial pneumonia caused by Streptococcus pyogenes, which was believed to be a secondary infection to the VZV infection the young boy was recovering from. The inquest is still ongoing as of 3rd February, 2016.

Feb 5:


The number of chicken pox cases has risen from 8 to 14 students from Plumb Elementary located in Pinellas County in the US.

This resulted in a visit from health officials to the school to spread awareness about the virus and appropriate measures to contain the outbreak.

Initially, most of the reported cases were in vaccinated students, but the vaccination status of the newly infected students remains unknown..

Last year, 38 varicella cases were reported in Pinellas County and 743 in Florida. The number of cases originating from Pinellas has risen from 16 in 2012 to 38 at the end of 2015.



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